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It’s a wonderful fact to know:


When you help people by giving to Goodwill, you are automatically helping the environment, too.


Every item you donate is one less item that goes to the landfill. And that adds up in a big way: In the last year alone, donations to Goodwill of the Finger Lakes kept over 6 million pounds of clothing out of landfills. Instead, that clothing was sold in our stores.


And that number doesn’t even include the household goods and electronics that were also kept out of landfills.


A Recognized Environmental Champion

Our efforts in helping the environment have not gone unnoticed.


Goodwill of the Finger Lakes was honored as an Environmental Champion by the EPA for our Dell Reconnect recycling program. This program has kept 300,000 pounds of computers and other electronics out of landfills.


Our Goodwill store in Macedon, Wayne County also became the first LEED Certified Retail Store in New York State. And Goodwill’s Contact Center earned LEED Gold Certification in October 2010.


What is LEED? It stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. And it’s a system that encourages and accelerates adoption of sustainable green building and developmental practices. These practices are achieved through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.


So thank you for all that you have done — to help members of our community, and our environment, too.


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