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What to Donate

Giving what will help people the most.

Goodwill accepts a large variety of items. Unfortunately, we can’t accept everything.

Over the years, we have discovered what people will purchase in our stores—and what they won’t. We want to be sure that the items we stock in our stores are things that people are interested in purchasing. That way, we can do the very best job of raising funds for the good causes we support.
So take a look at the lists below. And remember, items must be in good and sellable condition.

Would you like to know average prices of various items to help you determine the value of your donations? Download our Pricing Guide.


Great items to donate:

• Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s clothing and shoes
• Books
• Bedding — other than pillows, mattresses, and box springs
• Computers — flat panel monitors, printers, hard drives, etc.
• Curtains and draperies
• Decorations, framed pictures, and knickknacks
• Small electrical home appliances in working order
• Furniture under 25 pounds
• Games and puzzles
• Household items
• Lamps
• Linens and towels
• Sportswear and equipment
• Toys
• Flat screen TV and flat panel monitors
• Area rugs/Throw rugs
• Small and large exercise equipment


Items we unfortunately can’t accept:

• Baby Furniture, including cribs, car seats, etc.
• Hazardous materials of any kind
• Televisions (except flat screen TVs)
• Machines with gas still in the tank
• Containers of any liquid — such as paint, gasoline, petroleum, kerosene, or cleaning supplies
• Large appliances
• Mattresses, box springs, or bed pillows
• Windows, screens, or storm doors
• Carpet scrap or carpeting
• Metal or lumber
• Building materials
• Construction or yard waste
• Auto parts, tires, or wheels
• Items made from or containing ivory
• Needles, medical supplies, biohazard waste, biohazard waste containers, medical equipment

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