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The most important thing we will ever give anyone:


A chance.

Throughout our community, there are many people who would like to work—but simply haven’t been given the opportunity.
Often, they have barriers to independence, such as developmental disabilities or visual impairment. Or they may not have had access to job training that could prepare them to work.
At Goodwill, we are changing that.
We provide unique training and numerous job opportunities to people with barriers to independence. These jobs are in our stores, our state-of-the-art Contact Center and in our Food Service operation.
Not only that, we provide workplace technology that helps make challenges like significant vision loss virtually a non-issue. We also provide the training people need to get started in a new job.
Providing people with these kinds of opportunities does two incredibly important things:
It helps them become contributing members of society. And it helps them support themselves and their families.
For someone who has faced barriers to independence, there’s nothing more life-changing than that.

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