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National AgrAbility Project

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On September 1st, 2021 Goodwill of the Finger Lakes entered our 10th year as the Disability Partner to the National AgrAbility Project. In this role, we are funded at a rate of $75,000 annually, with most of our work being outreach and the coordination of the AgrAbility National Training Workshop, 2-3 Regional Training Workshops and 2-3 Webinars annually.

The program is focused on farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers, and keeping them engaged in agricultural employment beyond disability, injury, illnesses or chronic conditions.

You may be familiar with the work we do to eliminate barriers to employment for individuals who are blind, visually impaired, disabled, inexperienced, or having background challenges. The work we do with AgrAbility is rooted in the same things – removing barriers to work.  For a farmer that became paralyzed in an accident, it may mean installing lifts to their tractor or vehicle to allow them to maintain employment in the field of their choice, more importantly, continuing to be part of the 2% of our population that feeds the entire country.

You can learn more about AgrAbility and our partnership with it here.