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AbilityOne & ABVI

How it started:

In 1991, ABVI started producing three items for the AbilityOne Program
Currently produce over 25 different items for sale through the Ability One Program

SKILCRAFT Self-Stick Notes produced by ABVI:

  • 242 million self-stick note pads produced
  • Over 620,000 Hours of employment
  • $5.8 Million in Wages paid

AbilityOne Textile Products produced by ABVI:

Three high quality items:

  • Physical Training Uniform pants for the U S Air Force
  • Physical Training Uniform shorts for the U S Coast Guard
  • Food Service Hand Protection Pad US Armed Services
  • 340,000 textile products sewn
  • Over 210,000 Hours of employment
  • $6.8 Million in Wages paid

Pocket Memorandum Books produced by ABVI:

  • An important item that supports our men and women in the Armed Services
  • Produced in the USA and used daily by our soldiers as they deliver on their mission
  • 4.8 million books
  • Over 46,000 Hours of employment
  • $800,000 in Wages paid