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Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Goodwill of the Finger Lakes along with Goodwill Vision Enterprises (formally known as ABVI) has a very long and successful history of doing a lot of good in the Rochester community and Finger Lakes Region. While Goodwill of the Finger Lakes was created in 2010, our history as ABVI dates to 1911. Our mission programs and services impact the lives of more than 387,000 people whom we are proud to serve annually across the Rochester community, Finger Lakes Region and beyond.

We recently updated our mission statement to “Elevating people, community, and planet for a good today and better tomorrow.” It reminds us of how our own people are connected not just within our communities, but in the work we do and the impact we are able to make across the region.

As we often say—Goodwill is so much more than a store! We are committed now more than ever to embrace collaborations with our neighbors — nonprofits and corporations alike — to ensure community stays at the heart of everything we do.

On behalf of our Goodwill of the Finger Lakes team and our Board of Directors, we want to express our sincerest gratitude for your continuous generosity and support extended to us over the past 111 years. Supporting our community programs and services better positions us to achieve our future strategic initiatives, while strengthening our impact across the communities we serve. Your generosity allows us to continue to be an integral part of helping to move the Rochester community and Finger Lakes Region FORWARD. And 111 years later, our good work continues!

Jen Lake

President and CEO

Meet Our Team

Carolina Cordero-Dyer
Chief Financial Officer
Janice M. Holland
Chief People Officer
Joyel Bennett
Senior Vice President of Operations and Services
Carrie Chizuk
Vice President of Leadership and Learning
Dave Wiesner
Vice President of Donated Goods Retail
Betsy Wilson
Chief of Staff
Jack Eichhorn
Director of Real Estate and Risk Management
Leon France
Director of Manufacturing/Quality Manager
Eric Haak
Director of Data and Analytics
Lisa Jackel
Director of IT Services
Joe Kells
Director of Business Development
Robin Mitchell
Founding School Director—The Excel Center
Tim Noonan
Director Transportation, Logistics and Donor Acquisition
JoBeth Rath
Director of Workforce Development and Vision Services
Deborah Turner
Director of Crisis and Information Services
Martin Murphy
Director of Finance
David Beers
Program Director of Loss Prevention and Safety
Ann Marie Mistretta
Program Director of Contact Center Business Services
Brian Reynolds
Program Director of Risk Management
Jacqueline Zacek
Program Director New Goods and Merchandising

Board of Directors

John Henderson
Board Chair
Dr. Darrick Alaimo
Rhonda Ball
Ebony Burgess
Junior Dillon, LMHC, Ph.D.
David DiLoreto, M.D., Ph.D.
Michael Frame
Amy Gould
Ian Harper
Brian Harrington
Susan Kitchen
Patrick Jackman
Jen Lake
President and CEO
JudieLynn Nassar McAvinney
Robert Poltrino
Hezekiah Simmons
Vivek Thiagarajan
Linda Natoli

Photography by Ria Tafani