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Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

Our vision rehabilitation therapy programs offer specialized trainings and resources that enable people from a range of ethnic and economic backgrounds who are blind or visually impaired to work, care for themselves and their families, travel independently, and participate in community activities despite their vision loss.

Our caring experts help people learn to adapt everyday activities so they can be self-sufficient in their home, at their job, and out in the community. Each person has unique needs, so each approach is customized.

Vision loss can make doing everyday tasks difficult. That's why Goodwill Vision Enterprise's Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) team is here to help.

We are open by appointment only.

Please contact (585) 232-1111 during 8:00am-4:30pm to learn more.

Every time you donate and shop at Goodwill, you help support our mission programs and services, like our GVE Orientation and Mobility services. Thank you