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Back to School Outfit Hacks for Teachers!

by Sarah Pavia

Three Stress-Free Back To School Outfit Hacks To Help Busy Teachers Dress To Impress

Most teachers make their jobs look easy. But in reality, helping hundreds of children and young adults grow both in their studies and as people is no easy feat. It takes up hours out of the day that go beyond the classroom. Creating lesson plans and grading tests can’t be done during class time, and neither can coming in before school starts or staying later to help students get a better grasp on the material.

As with any profession, when work starts to encroach on personal time, any time saving hacks can be a saving grace. When it comes to a signature wardrobe, that’s where teachers can save time and eliminate the stress of emptying out a full closet while claiming one has nothing to wear. Just imagine a morning where you reach into your closet and pull out just a few go-to wardrobe staples that essentially become the work uniform of your choosing.

Once you have a few items that make you feel comfortable, confident and ready to tackle the day, then you can worry about accessorizing - if time allows. Below I’m showing how you can turn a few neutral pieces into a week’s worth of outfits. And remember, you don’t need to break the bank on your back to school wardrobe. Go through the items already in your closet and be honest with yourself about what you reach for most often. Any gently used clothing you haven’t worn in the last three months you might want to consider donating to your local Goodwill®. And while you’re there, take some time to browse through the racks for discount clothing. I’ve found many cardigans there that are perfect to brighten up any outfit!


1. Wardrobe Staples
You can never go wrong with a classic color combination. Black and white is a chic go-to that is incredibly easy to match, making outfit planning extra convenient. With a few pairs of comfortable yet stylish black pants you can create a great variety of looks. Check out the outfit in the look above. A simple pair of black pants and a white collared shirt can be pulled on in just a few minutes, while making an overall put together effect.

Woman wearing classic colorr combinations.

2. Pops Of Color
Want to add a bit of color to the basics? Consider investing in some bright colored cardigans. I love this pink cardigan (and have seen many others like it in a variety of colors at my favorite Goodwill store in New York City!). The 3/4 sleeves make it perfect to wear in any season - including in buildings that like to blast the air conditioner. I have the same cardigan in pink and blue and am on the lookout for one in an emerald green as well.


3. Embellished Details
To add some extra flair to your favorite pair of pants, think of adding some embellished details. It could be a fun DIY project and you can sew or take a strong glue gun to the beads and pearls to add them on. You also might be surprised at the fun finds you’ll come across at your local Goodwill. There’s always a designer surprise in the racks and all you have to do is find it.

Wearing embellished details.