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Blue selects "Salute to Her!" Honoree

Blue, a Goodwill boutique is excited to announce that the recipient of its "Blue's Salute to Her!" promotion is United States Navy Lieutenant Shara Chapman.

"I was not expecting it. It is really quite an honor for me," says Shara upon hearing the news of her selection as the "Blue's Salute to Her!" honoree.

Shara serves as an associate professor of naval science in the University of Rochester's Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC). She has been in the Navy for over seven years. She was first deployed in Japan, where she was often at sea for two to three months at a time. Then, she was stationed in Bahrain, where she served on the naval fleet assigned to the Persian Gulf.

As the recipient of "Blue's Salute to Her!" promotion, Shara will receive an outfit of her choice from Blue, a Goodwill boutique and a day of pampering before she heads home to see her parents and family in Iowa – something she has not done since joining the Navy.

Making "Blue's Salute to Her!" possible was the proceeds from the purchase of the limited edition, "Pandora style" bracelets made especially for Blue, a Goodwill boutique. Thank you to everyone who purchased one!

Check back soon for images of Shara and the ensemble she chose from Blue, a Goodwill boutique.