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Decorating an Airbnb from Goodwill!

Decorating an Airbnb:
Rw How West Barn, Perry NY

Throughout this Earth Week, we've been focusing messaging on ways you can be sustainable and have a positive impact on our planet.  And one way you can do that is in the materials you buy to decorate your space and home.  When it comes to home decor, it's one thing to decorate with Goodwill finds - but an entire Airbnb is even better!

If you haven't happened upon this lovely and unique oasis out near Letchworth State Park, Rw How West Barn, then you're in for a treat.  And with almost everything in the space being secondhand and thrifted, this getaway is even more of a gem.  We spoke with the owner, Amanda, and asked her some questions for her inspiration behind the theming. 

What was your inspiration for the décor and styling?

The space was initially created to be a living space for my husband and I, so we designed it based on our personal preferences. We both grew up on farms, and have an appreciation for rustic but tasteful things. We wanted to create a space that was cozy & we loved being in, while not splurging on all new items and upcycling or reusing as much as we could. The space is inside of an industrial Morton style barn, so we tried to work with that and add in industrial elements. Instead of trying to mask it, we added more industrial elements and embraced it.Once we realized that the space was going to become a rental, then I focused a bit more on details and pieces that would help offer our guests more of an experience.

Where did you find the majority of your items - was there a Goodwill you frequented the most?

Just about everything that did not need to be new, was found secondhand! We scoured local Goodwills, Facebook Marketplace, junkyards (yes...junkyards! The entire ceiling is scrap metal!) and even yard sales for about a year. We have so many one of a kind pieces, and even better stories to share! When people ask us about particular pieces, all we can do is shake our heads and smile thinking about how we acquired it. I’ve always been an avid Goodwill shopper so from June-September I made weekly stops at our local Geneseo Goodwill to see what I could pick up. I ended up with about 5 Rubbermaid totes of things in the garage. It was so fun to pull it all out and get it ready for the barn when it was time to furnish - you forget some of the treasures! I also sometimes make a loop up to Rochester and will hit 5-6 locations in a day!

Why did you choose to find items from thrifting and secondhand for decorating the space? Why do you support Goodwill?

I’m a thrifter, always have been. People laugh at me when they come over and ask me where I found something (this space and our home) - more often than not I tell them Goodwill. You can find such great things at a fraction of the price, it really just takes patience. I like to have unique details in my spaces & enjoy the challenge of making everything go together cohesively. Someone else’s trash is often my treasure.  I think Goodwill's mission is great; they provide an immense amount of support in our community and I’m happy to support it through my thrifting.

What's your favorite piece you found at Goodwill currently on display?

Probably the dish ware in the kitchen. Every piece is thrifted. I NEVER buy new dishes. This was all collected during the ~6 month build out. It takes time, and sometimes buying only one piece at a time. I look for quality white pieces, and in this case sprinkles of green accents. Everything on the shelves- the Chinaware, the baskets, the linen napkins, the plant vases, all of the glassware. I needed them to all be visually appealing to go with the open shelf concept. 


Wow - such a beautiful space!  Thank you Amanda for decorating this perfect location with secondhand and thrifted finds from Goodwill.