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Don't "Wait" On This Geva Performance

Geva Theatre kicks off its season with a thrilling production of Wait Until Dark. To celebrate, they will both generously donate a portion of the proceeds from the production’s first Sunday evening performance to ABVI AND give a discount price to ABVI supporters. The performance is Sunday, Sept. 14th at 7:00 p.m.

In Wait Until Dark, a Greenwich Village apartment becomes the setting of a suspenseful game of cat and mouse when a group of thuggish con men manipulate and terrorize the recently blinded Susan over a mysterious doll hidden inside – waiting until dark to play out this classic stage thriller’s chilling conclusion. The vulnerable Susan must muster her resources to outmaneuver her tormentors, turn her disability to advantage, and survive.

ABVI Ticket Prices:

  • Prime Seating (center orchestra and balcony) $39
  • Section A Seating (floor and side balcony sections) $36.25
  • Section B Seating (floor exterior seats in left and right orchestra) $30.50

To purchase tickets, please call the Geva Theatre box office at (585) 232-4382. Be sure to tell them you are attending the performance benefiting ABVI. This performance will be audio described.

Photo by Ken Huth Photography featuring Brooke Parks and Remi Sandri in “Wait Until Dark”.