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Finding Business Attire at Goodwill!

by Sarah Pavia

This post was written by Kimi, one of our Brand Ambassadors.  She is showcasing business appropriate fashions that you can find at Goodwill.


Hello, I'm Kimi!

On the side, I have the pleasure of partnering with Goodwill of the Finger Lakes as a Brand Ambassador. However, my full time job is in IT Finance for a local Payroll company. I work in an office and supervise a team of folks. During any given week, I will need to be prepared for presentations and a variety of meetings. Because of this, when I thrift, I predominantly look for business attire. I try to ensure that my wardrobe always has the basics of what I may need and then some trendy pieces to keep things fun. When I need to add pieces to my wardrobe, I always check out Goodwill first. Because let’s be honest, the possibilities of what I may find are endless and the price points are so very budget friendly.

A few weeks ago I needed to head out of town on a work trip. Because it was a short trip and I was leveraging only a carry on, I really focused on being able to pack pieces that could function in a multipurpose scenario while looking put together and professional.  Then I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if I could only bring pieces that I had found at Goodwill. Except for a tank top, I was definitely able to meet that challenge!

In the end here is what I packed:

  • A dress
  • A blazer
  • 2 blouses
  • A skirt
  • A pair of jeans
  • A pair of heels
  • A tank top (only non-thrifted piece)

My trip agenda was made up with daytime meetings and then dinners in the evening. Here is how I wore the pieces that came with me!

In total, the thrifted items that I packed had cost me under $35! Most often a nice blazer, a dress or jeans alone could cost atleast $35 at a raditional retail location. Since I know you are all curious like me, and value quality clothing, here are the brands for each of those pieces:

  • Dress - Mossimo
  • Blazer – Ann Taylor
  • 2 Blouses – White House/Black Market; Loft
  • Skirt – J. Crew
  • Jeans – Universal Thread
  • Heels – Rock Republic

Having a wardrobe you love does not have to be pricey! You can stick to your budget and still find great staple or trendy pieces. Next time you find yourself with an item you are on the hunt for, I encourage you to stop into a Goodwill store! They have great stuff, great prices and an even greater mission! To check out all that Goodwill has to offer, pop into one of their retail locations, or check out their website online for all the ways they support our community!!

Here are the outfits:



Day 1: Dress/blazer/pumps



Evening 1: Blouse/jeans/pumps

Day 2: Skirt/tank/blazer

Evening 2: Blouse/jeans/pumps