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Goodwill At Home

One of the best things about Goodwill is the great artwork, furniture, and decorations you can find for your home. Every day there is an assortment of furniture that is brought in, some brand new and some that need some love and care, that can be used in a variety of ways in your personal space. Here are some examples of pieces found in store that have been used in the styling of home design:


Each piece was priced at $2.99 - mint condition. Gives the home a "Joanna Gaines" feel and a farmhouse look! If you didn't like the artwork, the frames are in great condition with matte intact so you could always remove the art and use the frames you find.

Wine Rack:

This rack cost $15.99 in store - brand new condition and perfect for corner decoration in any home! In fact, we love showing off thrifted items so much that we keep the sticker on - that way when people compliment our pieces we can prove it's from Goodwill!

Side Table:

Purchased for $6, this table has a charm to it that is perfect for any entryway. You could even strip and repaint to give it a fresh look. There are plenty of items in our store that can be upcycled or repurposed, and this is a prime example!

Display Items:

This cake stand was $2, and the pitcher $3 - combined they are a great addition to your kitchen cupboards, or used decoratively as seen here. Each of our stores has many shelves full of items like these.

Not only is the table these items are sitting on thrifted, but both the framed artwork and the square wreath. Each item was $3. Used in this home specifically for dining room decor to match the farmhouse feel, again Goodwill has great items you can use in any particular way to help give your home an "in the now" look with popular items you can see in store right now (for example the Grateful sign - when thrifted, it was in Kirklands at the same time for $19.99!)

This table makes a great book table to this cozy corner - $5.99 at Goodwill, and if you peek you can see the tag still on the upper left! Beautiful design that could be used in many spaces.

Thrifted this wicker tray as a great coffee table or ottoman addition - $4 when purchased, and has been used in multiple ways in this home. These trays can retail at designer stores for $30+! There is a huge assortment of wicker and wooden items in our locations.

Mantle Design:

Displayed on a mantle, or anywhere in your home, the items seen in the pictures that are from our stores are the wooden ladder, the candles, white vases, and the candle pillar displays on each end. Each item cost no more than $4 a piece. When you peruse our shelves, you can come across unique items that you can mix and match for displays in your home!

There are plenty of other items you can find for your garage, patio, office, kitchen, etc. to be used in a variety of ways on our shelves. But you won't know until you go looking! Upload a picture of a home or styling design you have done with Goodwill items, and tag our Facebook page @goodwillflx - we can't wait to see what you've created!