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Halloween Costume Ideas at Goodwill

More Halloween Costume Ideas:

  • Disco King/Queen - Channel the disco era by finding gently used 70's tops, bell bottom pants and platform shoes
  • Flower Power Hippie – Find 70's hippie floral shirts and skirts
  • Witch – Find black pants, shirt or dress. You may even find a witch's hat that someone donated or a broom at the store.
  • Elvis – Find a red button down shirt and a pair of black or white bell bottom pants. Complete the look with flashy costume jewelry that King would approve.
  • Greek god or goddess - pick up a white sheet to wear, some artificial leaves to put on your head and a pair of flip flops. You can spray paint the flip flops gold for some added punch.
  • Princess - Find a full skirt or ball gown to wear with a tiara.
  • Beauty queen – Use an old bridesmaid dress or evening gown, wear a tiara and make a sash out of ribbon.
  • School Nerd - Find a pair of tight jeans and roll up the pant legs. Pair it with a white shirt, pocket protector and heavy-rimmed glasses.
  • Ghost - Head to the linens to find a white sheet and cut a hole for your eyes.
  • 60's mod hipster – Wear a bright geometric prints dress/outfit and go-go boots.
  • Grapevine – Start with a bright body suit and leotard. Then blow up purple balloons and attach them to yourself with double sided tape. For added security use garbage bag ties to affix balloons to tape.
  • A Bag of Jelly Beans - Start with a clear plastic bag. Step into the bag and make holes for your legs and arms. Fill the bag with different color balloons and use a flashy scarf to tie around the top of the bag. You may want to place a sign that says "Jelly Beans 5¢ " in front of the bag.
  • Crayon – Find a solid color sweat suit. Paint or use a magic marker to print the word, "crayon" in large black letters down the length of your body. Going with the same color scheme, create a pointed hat in the same color. You can even paint your face your crayon color.
  • Betty Rubble - Take a blue fitted sundress and cut the hem so it looks jagged. Wear a black wig done "Betty Style" with a bow or bone at top. Glue a small rock or bone to the top of the halter dress.
  • Bam-Bam - Find leopard skin fabric and cut out a diaper size piece big enough to fit around your waist securely. Cut a ragged edge at the bottom of this material. Use the rest of the material to make a leopard sash to drape across chest. Attach the two pieces with a plastic dog bone, using glue. Complete the outfit by carrying around a wooden bat.
  • Rosie the Riveter – Wear a blue button down shirt or denim shirt with a red scarf in your hair and pose for photos flexing an arm muscle.
  • Vampire – Wear Black pants, a white button down shirt and a cape. Find white and red makeup to put on your face.
  • Farmer – Find overalls, a plaid shirt and a wide brim hat. Carry a garden tool like a plastic rake or shovel.
  • Bob the Builder – Wear denim overalls and a plaid shirt. Find a toolbelt and yellow hard hat to complete the look.
  • Scarecrow – Wear denim overalls and a plaid shirt. Accessorize with a wide brim hat and pieces of straw or straw ribbon.
  • Skunk – Wear black sweats and glue or sew a white strip of fabric or fake fur to your back.
  • Harry Potter - Find a simple black robe and wizard hat. Accessorize with round glasses and wooden wand. Remember to draw Harry’s mark on your forehead.
  • Charlie Brown – Wear a yellow t-shirt and draw or sew the zig zag print; wear it with black shorts and brown shoes.
  • Traffic light – Start with a black sweatsuit. Cut three circles of red, yellow and green fabric or felt. Glue onto your outfit.
  • Cowboy/Country Girl – Wear jeans, plaid shirt, vest, bandana and hat
  • Rockstar – Wear a hip jacket (such as leader or fake snakeskin) with boots and accessorize with a guitar.
  • Funky bride – Find a vintage wedding dress and accessorize with a feather boa and hip accessories
  • Slasher bride – Wear vintage wedding dress and splatter red paint to simulate blood.
  • Pirate – Find a pair of black pants, pair with a white collared shirt and find a vest to put over your shirt. Finish the look with a bandana to put around your head.
  • Zombie – Find an older or vintage looking suit, pair with a shirt and tie. Consider using white face paint and eye makeup to create that ‘back from the dead’ look. Add some of the paint with fake blood to the suit to complete the look.
  • Nurse – Wear a white dress or a white shirt and skirt combination and accessorize with a stethoscope.
  • Cat – find black tights or leggings and pair with a black shirt. Use eye and face makeup to create whiskers and spots on your face. Find a headband and glue felt or fabric triangles to look like cat ears.
  • Cat lady – sweatsuit or bath robe with stuffed animal cats attached
  • Superhero -- Find tights, leggings or shorts. Wearing a matching top. Create the appropriate logo out of felt or fabric and sew or glue to the shirt. For example, for a Superman costume, add an ‘S’ to your shirt for a Batman costume, create a bat logo for your shirt. Buy scrap fabric at Goodwill to make a cape.
  • Lady bug – wear black pants and a red shirt. Then cut black fabric or felt in circles and attach to your shirt. Take a red head band and attach black antennas out of pipe cleaners.