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How to Shop Our Everyday Deals!

by Sarah Pavia

On Monday, March 18th, 2019 we were excited to launch Everyday Deals pricing on apparel in our retail stores.

Everyday Deals pricing means that shoppers will see lower prices on apparel and get the same, consistent low price on items every day, no matter what!

But don't just take our word for it. Brand Ambassadors Kimi and Justine are long-time, loyal shoppers and donors who were eager to shop the new Everday Deals and let us know what they thought. Check out their experience!


Everyday deals!

Not too bad, right!

Why do some items still have colored tags?

Only apparel tags transitioned to the new white tag under Everyday Deals pricing. While the tags on apparel may have changed, you'll still see the colored stickers on housewares, books, accessories, and shoes.

You'll know you're getting a deal every day by just looking at the price listed on the colored price sticker. That's it. That's the price you pay. Kimi helps explain:

Color tags on some items?

Thanks, Kimi!


Here are some of your tips and takeaways to remember:

  • Everyday Deals means items are consistently priced at the same price point, no matter when you shop, so you never have to guess what you'll be paying in advance
  • There is signage throughout our stores with the pricing.  Just take the tag on the item, read what the item is labeled at, and then compare that to the sign in that designated area.  For example, a camisole/tank will be marked as such on the tag - then compare that to the sign and see the top is $2.52.  
  • Whenever you're in the housewares, books, furniture, accessories, and shoes you'll see a colored sticker on items.  Just read the price on that sticker, and that is how much the item will cost.
  • Our team is ready to answer any question and assist you as we transition in this new program - feel free to reach out at any time!


Some things to remember:

  • In Rochester, there are TWO different Outlet locations where you can get 50% off any item, no matter what the tag says, every day of the week.  One is in Greece and the other in Pittsford, both listed in our locations section.
  • Our Children's Book program is still in effect - everyday children 15 years of age and younger can come in with their parents, and pick out one book (per day) of their choosing for free!  Book value is 99 cents or less.
  • Discount days still apply in this program.  
    • Tuesdays: Students with ID and teachers, 15% off
    • Wednesdays: Senior Citizens, 55+, 15% off
    • Everyday: Active Military and Veterans, 15% off


And the most important of all to remember is that your shopping and donating completely fuels the mission work we do locally.

We've been serving the local Rochester area for 25 years and we're so honored to be a member of your neighborhoods and this great community.

Every item you purchase.

Every single thing you donate.

All of it funds our mission work. 

Our mission is why we do what we do. This includes our low vision services and ABVI support, helping to operate and support our 24/7 crisis prevention hotline 2-1-1/LIFELINE, helping with workforce development, and so much more.

Thank you for shopping and donating with us - and for supporting good deals, a good cause, and Goodwill!