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It's Not Just a Teacup - it's YOUR Impact!

by Sarah Pavia

With uncertainty looming with present health concerns, here at Goodwill of the Finger Lakes we thought we'd remind our loyal shoppers and donors of all the GOOD still happening in our community and region through the mission work being fueled by YOUR shopping and donating!

Take this teacup for example (And doesn't a nice relaxing cup of tea sound good right now?)

goodwill of the finger lakes low vision ABVI

While this may look like a standard teacup, there is also an interesting device hanging on the side that can mean a world of difference to someone with low vision.  This device is called a Say When - it alerts the user when the water has reached an appropriate level by either eliciting a sound or a vibration.  It's a device that helps individuals live independently, and is used in our classes in our Adaptive Skills Training Center on our main campus.   

Take a peak here to see how it works - listen for the vibration, and you can actually see the device moving!


Services through the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI)

ABVI is a mission program of Goodwill of the Finger Lakes. That means it is fueled by your shopping and donating, and also by rounding up your extra pennies at the register during your purchase.  Services include:

Vision Wellness with free eye care in our community (and early vision screening for children!)

Orientation and Mobility Services which helps individuals stay active indoors and out with vision loss.

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, where individuals work with caring experts to learn to adapt to be self-sufficient in their home, job, and community. (This includes workshops in the Adaptive Skills Training Center utilizing kitchen gadgets, the Say When, and more!)

Children's Services, which not only does early detection screenings but also family recreation activities, pre-vocational services, and there's an outdoor area where they can safely learn how to navigate and play in their environment.

ABVI also provides the Brighter Views program which is a series of ongoing classes for individuals 55 and older who are living with vision loss - the program is at NO cost to participants, and made possible by YOU.





Need further proof of how awesome YOUR shopping and donating is?  Meet Walter Chapman.



The best part of all of this?  It happens - every day - because of YOU!  With everything happening in the world, know your impact right here in your community is felt every single day by those that depend on your shopping and donating.  We hope that in the present gloomy state you can feel warmhearted knowing the GOOD you do and provide for your community and neighbors. They're thankful for your support, and so are we!

The Future is BRIGHT!