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Last hoorah for ABVI's Tubing Room

Valentine’s Day 2011 will go down as a “bittersweet moment” for the employees of ABVI.

Several employees, joined by members of ABVI’s Senior Leadership Team, gathered to officially say good-bye to the Tubing Room.

Now just a shell of its former self, the Tubing Room was once the agency’s “showcase” business. As ABVI President and CEO Gidget Hopf noted, employees, who put in “tens of thousands of hours of great work,” cut and shaped plastic tubing that would go into machines produced and sold by Kodak.

ABVI’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Giarrusso, a former Kodak employee, attended the ceremony and took a moment to shed light on the importance of the tubing.

“At Kodak, the products you were making were going into systems that were saving people’s lives around the world,” he said.

After officially closing the door on the Tubing Room, ABVI’s gearing up for new opportunities on the horizon.