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Meet Our Team: Alex, E-Commerce Manager

by Sarah Pavia

Alex Pearce, E-Commerce Manager

How many years have you been at Goodwill, and what is your job?

I have been with Goodwill for two months. I am the new E-Commerce Team Leader. My team and I put great items online at, and we serve customers from all over the USA.

Why do you enjoy working with Goodwill?

I enjoy working with Goodwill because of the Mission to help the community. So far everyone has been very open, gracious and understanding in my short time here.

Why would you encourage someone to join our team?

I would encourage someone to join our team because we are retail with a mission. That’s what I’ve looked for in my retail management career and I finally found it. Everything I do, every dollar I make for the company helps fund our mission to help those with barriers. In this day and age, I think that is so important.

What do you enjoy outside of work as a hobby?

I like to bake/cook, write spoken word poetry and watching movies with my partner.

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