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Meet Our Team: Billy Dickerson, Goodwill Bookstore

by Sarah Pavia

Billy Dickerson, Bookstore Customer Service Team Leader

Name and Title:
Billy Dickerson, Customer Service Team Leader.

I've been with Goodwill for two years.

Why do you enjoy working at Goodwill:
I love working at the bookstore - there are so many bizarre and interesting books that come in.  You never know what you're going to see.


Customer Service Team at the Goodwill bookstore in Webster NY

Why would you recommend someone joining our team:

Goodwill is doing a lot of great things in the community and it’s a great opportunity to support the mission work and take care of your own self too.

What is your favorite section in the bookstore:

Children's - the most unique books!

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Holiday Books & Bites at the Goodwill book store in Webster NY