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Meet our Team: Brigitte Lee

by Carolann Verrioli

Brigitte Lee, LCSW: Clinical Care Liaison at 211/LIFE LINE

Photo of Brigitte

Title and years with the organization:

Brigitte Lee, LCSW, Clinical Care Liaison at 211/LIFE LINE.  I've been in this role for 4.5 years

What do you enjoy most about working at 211/LIFE LINE?  

Being a mental health professional in Rochester with a background in crisis services, I've had the privilege to work with many agencies in the area, and get to know their staff, philosophies, and clientele.  Working in my part time position for 211 has been some of the most rewarding work in my career, given that I have never worked for an organization that is so willing to invest in its employees the way Goodwill has.  My role alone is an example of the dedication to quality services available to our community, and to employ someone from the clinical realm to offer education, guidance, and support to our 211 staff demonstrates that commitment everyday.  I gain so much from talking with our staff about the challenges of being a caretaker on chat and on calls, and I am overjoyed to have a position that provides me the opportunity to be a support to the work they do. 

Aerial photo of Rochester taken by Brigitte Lee

What activities do you enjoy in your free time?/What is a fun fact about yourself?

Some of my self care routines include being active in a small crossfit fusion boutique gym, taking dance classes like African Jembe Drumming and Dance, gardening and taking care of my first home, traveling any where and everywhere I can, and attending live music and concerts with friends.  I'm also an amateur photographer and have won a couple of small contests.  This one was taken during a flight home from NYC in October of 2021.   

"Let's talk about mental health" graphic

Why is mental health awareness important?

Mental Health is a portion of our complete health.  If we are not paying attention to caring for our complete selves, like we do for our bodies, our environments, our finances, or the other areas we typically consider as "health," we are at risk of complications and poor outcomes.  Practicing healthy boundaries in our professional and personal lives, engaging in self-awareness activities, recognizing our own challenges and barriers, and maintaining a sense of non-toxic positivity are vital steps in promoting mental health everyday for everyone.  Even the act of wanting to be mentally healthy and recognizing what that means for oneself, is a step toward improving well being.   It means investing in oneself, everyday.