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Meet Our Team: Hannah and RC, Eastview Mall Location

by Sarah Pavia

RC and Hannah met at Goodwill seven years ago.  Over their time working together, they formed a deeper connection - this connection blossomed, and RC recently proposed to Hannah.  Our tagline is "Changing Lives Through the Power of Work".  When RC was speaking about his love of Goodwill, he looked at Hannah and said "Goodwill literally changed my life - because I got to meet Hannah.  Now THAT is changing lives though the power of work".

What are your names and how long have you worked at Goodwill?
Hannah Burgoon, 7 years between our previous Victor location and new Eastview Mall store in the Rochester area
RC Westra, same as Hannah


Why do you enjoy working at Goodwill?
Hannah: I love working at Goodwill.  The managers and our team are great, I feel at home when I'm at work and I love what I do!
RC: The managers are great and I enjoy the work I do.  Everyone takes care of you, there are lots of great benefits to working for Goodwill.


How did your relationship unfold?
RC: We were introduced to each other and started talking. 
We found an instant connection and thing just clicked - we have a lot in common. 
We like to read, stay active, and go to the Avon flea market.