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Meet Our Team: JoBeth Rath, Director of Workforce Development

by Sarah Pavia

Picture of JoBeth smiling

Title and years with the organization

Director of Workforce Development – 11 years this week!


Why do you enjoy working at Goodwill?

The list is long! I enjoy the challenges we are faced with daily to make a difference to those we serve, being part of a solution to community challenges, providing opportunities for individuals to succeed and contribute positively to their communities, working in a place that allow my sons to see the diversity and needs in the world around them, and working with an incredibly talented and passionate group of people.


Why you would recommend someone to join the Goodwill family?

Goodwill has a diverse network of business enterprises and mission services that provide so many opportunities. Engineering, social work, customer service, accounting, purchasing, retail merchandising, production - you name it, there is an opportunity! You may not love what you chose at first, or may not be equipped for the job you want. Goodwill will help you make the move to that next role that is a better fit. People are supportive and patient, and want you to succeed!


What do you enjoy to do outside of work?

I am a Board Member and Volunteer for the Livingston Blues Youth Hockey Organization; a Board Member for NY FarmNet; a very amateur photographer who loves to capture my sons and their teammates in athletic competitions; a caregiver for my aging parents; and a passionate mom who runs a free Uber service to hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, Oddessey of the Mind, theatre, band, chorus and whatever else my sons elect to join!  I love to travel with my boys and explore hiking trails, waterways and nature. During these chilly months of the year, I am on rink maintenance for the backyard ice rink, finding my peace in the very late nights as I bundle up to spray and re-surface the ice! In the more temperate months, I love to be doing lawn and garden work and spending time outside exploring the wilderness.