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Meet Our Team: Philip Monte Verde

by Carolann Verrioli

Philip Monte Verde: Vision Wellness Coordinator

Picture of Philip smiling

Title and years with the organization:

Vision Wellness Coordinator, 3 months

Why do you enjoy working at Goodwill?

At Goodwill we are given an opportunity to have a large impact on the community. Project Eye Care allows us to deliver eye exams and eye glasses to those who otherwise could not get them. It also enables us to connect with the people of our community, and to serve their larger social work needs.

Picture of Philip sitting at his desk

Why would you recommend someone join the Goodwill team?

Goodwill is a forward thinking organization where novel ideas are valued. I like that there is room for growth here. Not only personal growth, but community growth as well.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I am slowly de-grassing my lawn. Using the ‘lasagna method’ of layering cardboard and compost, I am creating a rich soil on which to seed pollinator friendly wildflowers.

Philip's puppy (well, "not a puppy anymore" he says), Winston, sleeping in front of a flowerbed of black eyed susans.