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New Goods: Fall Table Display

by Sarah Pavia

In each of our Goodwill locations, we have "New Goods" items.  These are bargain-priced, not donated, but serve to add to the items in our store.  When purchased, they also contribute to our mission services.  They can be seasonal, functional, clothing, and more!  So when our team selected items for harvest and fall decor from our shelves, we had to see what fun combinations we could come up with.  Here are a few pieces we used to create our fall dining room table setup (everything you'll see in the photos is from our stores, except for the plates!  You can purchase these items in any Goodwill donation!)

Goodwill Items - New Goods:

- Placements ($1.19 for two)
- Package of Leaves ($1.19)
- Large Leaves ($1.99) 
- Basket Filler ($1.19) 
- Tablecloth ($1.19)


Fall New Goods - Setup

Laying each of the items out, we got creative - and you can too! It was easy to throw these pieces together, on a budget, and create a beautiful table display.  Great for any fall event, including Thanksgiving!  

This setting took only a few minutes - yet the impact was huge!  We ended up with a fun table display, and we also contributed to the mission of Goodwill of the Finger Lakes.  Visit any of our locations today - goods are placed in each of our stores.  By purchasing you're still contributing to the mission work of our organization, and providing opportunities and services to those in your local community.  The price is low, but your contribution is large.  They're New Goods, that Do Good!

Tag us if you create your own display with any New Good items in store - we would love to see what you come up with!