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Secondhand September with Goodwill

by Sarah Pavia

This September, a worldwide challenge is happening for Secondhand September.  The premise behind this is that for an entire month you can only re-wear or repurpose clothing already in your closet, or solely purchase secondhand from thrift stores, secondhand clothing stores and consignment. Here at Goodwill of the Finger Lakes, we are supporting this challenge and encouraging our customers to jump on board!

Here are some fun facts as to why secondhand clothing stores and companies that support this model (i.e. ThredUp) are on the rise:

  • It takes over 1800 gallons of water to make ONE pair of blue jeans!
  • On average, Americans get rid of approximately 80 pounds of clothing a year - with 90% of that ending up in landfills

Imagine the difference that a month could make not only on our environment but your wallet by solely shopping and supporting the secondhand movement. And this doesn't even have to mean secondhand clothing - but also housewares, electronics, and more!  

How to Get Involved with Goodwill:

  • Visit one of our many stores (full location details here) to shop discount clothing and other goods
  • Donate used clothes or other goods at one of the locations listed above, contributing to keeping items out of landfills
  • Tag us on your social media channel (tag our actual page) for a chance to be featured and win a gift card to shop!


By joining on for #secondhandseptember imagine the difference we can all make in a month.  Share this post on your page and with your friends and let's get this secondhand movement rolling! Thanks for your support!

Not convinced? Here are some pictures from our customers of recent finds in our stores - over a fraction less than the cost of major retailers, and you're contributing to the green movement: