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Six Steps to Student Success

As students head back to school this week we are proud to help share these tips from the Rochester City School District to help area kids get off to a great start to their school year.

We want every child’s education to be a success story. The Rochester City School District is responsible for educating your child, but here’s how you can help your children and young adults do their best:

Sign up for ParentCONNECT

This allows you to see your child’s attendance, grades, and homework assignments online. You can also email your child’s teacher. To sign up, go to

Enroll your child in Pre-K

Our award winning Pre-Kindergarten program prepares young children to do well in elementary school. Every four-year-old in Rochester can attend, and there are programs now for three-year-olds. You can register your child at the District’s Student Placement Office, 131 West Broad Street. For more information, call 262-8140.

Insist on attendance, cooperation and effort

If your child is present in the classroom, has the right attitude and tries their best, he or she will succeed in school. At home, make sure your child completes their homework. And hour of homework per night is the general expectation.

Make sure your child reads outside of school

Read to or with your child for 30 minutes every day. Visit the library and make sure your child gets a library card. With 12 branches in Rochester, our public libraries have books, computers and more to help kids explore their interests and do better in school.

Support student wellness

Children must be healthy to achieve their best. Make sure you child gets at least eight hours of sleep a night, east well and exercises regularly. Sports programs are a great way for students to stay in shape.

Join a parent organization

Students do better when their parents are involved at school. You can join a support organization, volunteer to help in a classroom or be part of planning teams that help to set school policies and make decisions. Contact your school’s principal or the Office of Parent Engagement at 262-8359.