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Ten Holiday Crafts With Goodwill!

by Sarah Pavia

If you're looking for last-minute holiday decor ideas or unique DIY gifts -

Goodwill should be the first stop on your list!


Here are some ideas of ways you could style your home with items we often see donated to our stores.  And at the prices we offer, and the GOOD you do by supporting our local could you lose?

Project One: Chocolate Covered Spoons
Great for entertaining, as gifts, or unique ways to hand out your treats this holiday season.  Grab some antique silverware from our stores (often under $1!) and dip and cover in your favorite type of chocolate and snacks.  A quick and easy project that takes your holiday treats to the next level!

Project Two: Styled Apothecary Jars
We have jars and vases of all types and sizes - what a great centerpiece for your dining room table, styled on one of your shelves, or even given as a gift.  You could take unique and personal items and fill them in the jar as a permanent display item the whole year round!

Project Three: Milk Vases as Candle Holders
Our shelves are filled with these beautiful glass pieces - and often $2 or less!  Whether you paint a unique design or use them as is, this is a decorative way to hold candles on any table you're entertaining at.  They also make great decor items on dining room buffets or hutches the whole year round!

Project Four: DIY Cookie Recipe in a Mason Jar
Have a favorite recipe and a few simple soft ingredients?  Thrift a mason jar from our stores, throw in the ingredients, and tie the recipe to the side. Voila!

Project Five: 3D Snow Globes
If you find a cake display with a lid (often $3 or less), or even a cheese board with a covered glass dome - use the top to create an interactive snow globe display.  Thrift a plate in store and then decorate with items for the holiday season or any time of year.  Place the lid on top and you've got a great and unique decor piece.

Project Six: Ornament Displays
This is a very easy way to bring some decor into your holiday mantle, table, or display!  Find a vase for $2 or less on our shelves, then head to our holiday section and find antique or modern ornaments (we often have both donated!) and fill away!

Project Seven: Painted World Globe
This is a great gift idea for any traveler in your life - or as a fun and unique item in your home the whole year round! Find a globe in our stores, big or small, and cover with paint of choice (chalkboard paint was used here so it could be written on after!)  The travel lover in your life would like this with a fun and unique saying. "Not all those who wander are lost!" for example.



Project Eight:

This is a really fun DIY that can be displayed all year round - find some books of varying sizes on our shelves ($3 and under!) and then stamp or write on the bindings the family name. Looking for a unique wedding gift? This would be a great item and then you could write a message on top saying "of all the love stories around, ours is our favorite!"

Project Nine:

This may be the craftiest DIY of the bunch!  Find a book of choice at our stores that speaks to you or something you've read and really loved.  Roll the paper pieces taken from the book and adhere to a middle ornament or setting with glue.  This could be a wreath again used all year round and not just seasonally - also a great gift for that book lover in your life!

Project Ten:

We always have wicker baskets on our shelves - at prices well below big box retailers.  Use them as gifts for stuffing wine glasses and fun items in, then giving to couples for a future picnic in the park.  Or use as seen with holiday decor and place on your fireplace, near your doorway, or more!

So there you have it - 10 different projects that can all be completed in a pinch for that last minute decor or gift need, with sustainable styles found right in our stores!  Are you a crafter or a DIY-lover?  Have you completed a holiday project from our stores? Be sure to tag us on our social media channels so we can see! You may even win a gift card for a future shopping trip!