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Textures of Fall: Flat-Lay Style

by Sarah Pavia

Happy Tuesday!

Following up to yesterday's post about fall fashions at Goodwill, we've put together an outfit combination based off of the Standards list we created.  Each item was found in our stores, and three of them completely new never worn! Let's take a peek:

In this example each was the following:

  • Shoulder bag: $4.99, NEW
  • Necklace: $1.99
  • Top (sheer blouses are great for layering!): $3.99
  • Jeans: $6.99 (American Eagle!), NEW with tag!
  • Booties: $7.99, NEW, Steve Madden
  • Denim Jacket: $5.99, Old Navy

In total this outfit would cost you under $35, and you'd have great standard items you can remix in your wardrobe and wear again and again.  

To help you navigate the store, here are some tips for finding these items:

  • Jewelry is always stationed in our front display cases 
  • Jeans are placed together, near other bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts)
  • Blouses will be in with the rows of women's tops.  For longer sleeve they'll be grouped as such, and shorter sleeves mixed in with the tees
  • Any type of shoe will be grouped in the shoe area, most often by color but not arranged by size
  • Purses and bags are also arranged together in the handbags area. Most often similar colors and types are placed together
  • Denim jackets, and any type of jackets, will be placed in a row together as well.  You can find all outerwear grouped together in one section, vests coupled together, and then blazers in another

When shopping at Goodwill, you may not find these items on your initial run - but don't get discouraged.  You can visit other locations, and you can come visit us again!  Donations come in daily and you never know what you'll find.  These all found on one shopping trip - but the options were endless.

Looking for some in-store videos?  Check out our YouTube Channel as we navigate the stores and show you some other hot buys, as well as our Facebook and Instagram! Follow along for even more pictures!  We also have more flat-lay styles coming at you this week, so stay tuned!