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The People of Goodwill: Meet Angel and Join Our Team!

by Sarah Pavia

Angel Miguel Lugo,
Assistant Team Lead
Macedon NY Goodwill Store


What is your current job at Goodwill? How have you grown in the organization? 
I started and trained at the Jefferson Rd. Goodwill store in July, then started as a Customer Team Lead (CTL) at our Dewey Ave. store. I then took on the responsibility of managing the hard lines department within the store. I became the New Goods captain for the Dewey Ave. Goodwill store starting the Halloween season. I also took on the responsibility of safety ambassador as safety is extremely important to me. In about April/May I then took over managing the apparel department at the Dewey Ave. store until about September when I applied and got the Assistant Team Lead at the Macedon Goodwill store. Since being at this position I've maintained my role as safety ambassador for Macedon, became a member of the employee engagement committee and successfully went through and completed the Goodwill “Leap into Leadership" ran by our People Resources Department. In a year I have been able to grow so much!

What do you value most about working at Goodwill of the Finger Lakes?

The thing I value/treasure most about Goodwill is all off the learning and training opportunities granted to those who seek it such as our LEAP program, and our partnership with United Way via the LLDP.  Our organization does a lot for their employees.

Why would you encourage others to consider working with the team at Goodwill?

I would highly encourage others to consider a job with Goodwill for the benefit of being a key part of the community that helps those in need {as a local nonprofit}, as well as the potential growth and opportunity the organization provides to employees that seek it.

Don't just hear it from Angel -
consider joining the team at Goodwill today! 
We have many full time and part time jobs available, with entry beginning at $15 an hour and exciting incentives. We would love to have you join us!
  Apply for a job online or text GoodwillCareers to 85000.