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The People of Goodwill: Meet Shery!

by Sarah Pavia

Shery Liz Vazquez Moya
Customer Service Rep, Contact Center


What is your current role?

Currently I work in the Call Center as a Customer Service Representative at the Goodwill of the Finger Lakes headquarters in Rochester.*

What do you value most about working at Goodwill of the Finger Lakes?

I value a lot - especially Goodwill's vision and employing people that are visually impaired or blind. When I first heard about the organization I thought it was only about donations - but it is more than that!  Goodwill helps others to become independent, and I am an example of that. I had been struggling forever because of my disability.  I wanted to have a stable job that I loved and that I could grow in. When I got hired at Goodwill, I was able to become a full-time employee within 3 months.  This is an organization that shows respect and empathy - I only wish I had learned about it sooner.  The good thing is now I know I can show my kids the opportunities that are out there for them, too.

Why would you encourage others to consider working with the team at Goodwill?

With Goodwill you can find a buffet of opportunities, people that will help you gain knowledge, and it is a place that you will feel comfortable speaking with leadership team members because they are always available for your needs and will help you to accomplish anything.

It is not like any other place I've worked. Working at Goodwill feels like home; you can have a job, work, learn and earn and that is GOLD for me.  Everyone should have the opportunity to have a peaceful job with great stairs for success to keep growing as a person.

Don't just hear it from Shery - consider joining the team at Goodwill today!  We have many full time and part time jobs available, with entry beginning at $15 an hour and exciting incentives. We would love to have you join us!
  Apply for a job online or text GoodwillCareers to 85000.

*Our Contact Center has answered over a million calls since opening in 2009.  Our callers serve the community and connecting those in need.