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Thrift-fluencer Spotlight: Justine Wenzel

by Carolann Verrioli

Justine Wenzel: Beauty Influencer and Thrift Expert!

Justine, always in a thrifted outfit, wearing an black sequined top, colorful dangle earrings, and a bright red lipstick

Name, pronouns, and little bit about yourself:

I’m Justine Wenzel (she/her) and I’m a makeup artist with “JM Makeup and Bridal“ and business coach, podcaster “Courage Queen,” singer in a band “Deerfield Drive.” I’ve been an obsessed thrifter since my aunt introduced me to it at 10 years old. I’m married with a golden doodle fur baby and have a baby on the way due in December! 

What are your favorite items to thrift for and why?

My favorite items to thrift are NWT (thrifting lingo: "new with tags") bathing suits, shoes, blazers and jackets! I love shopping off season and find some of the best stuff and save it for anywhere from 3-6 months.

Justine's thrifted Tory Burch leather boots, which retail for over $500.00

What has been your best Goodwill find?

I found Tory Burch leather boots before at the bins (the Goodwill Clearance Center)! Which was amazing and such a surprise.

Do you have a favorite Goodwill store? If so, why is it your favorite?

Every goodwill store has secret gems, it just depends on timing your running thrift bucket list so I can shop all year. I often shop most at the Webster and Victor stores just based on convenience to my work appointments!

Do you have any thrifting tips for novice secondhand shoppers?

I love putting anything I want to think about in the cart which I call “the think tank”- if you don’t it will be gone! I also love shopping off season from my thrift wish/bucket list I create on my phone.

Justine at one of our stores sporting her "I Love Goodwill" T-shirt

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