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Thrifting Back-to-School Looks With the Kids!

by Julia Marchand

As Students Return to The Classroom This Fall, Families Can Find Something For Everyone At Goodwill — Without Breaking The Bank

Whether your kids’ style is best expressed through vintage t-shirts and sneakers, retro ’90s throwback gear, or modern brand-name items, the whole family can have fun browsing the aisles at Goodwill on a back-to-school treasure hunt, mixing and matching the perfect pieces for each family member. Beyond clothes and shoes, Goodwill stores are filled with school supplies, too, from art materials and notebooks to musical instruments, sports equipment, bikes, helmets, lunchboxes, water bottles and more — all at lower prices than you’ll find when buying new at a big box store.

Shopping with little ones can seem so impossible at times, but bringing them along for the ride is also the only way you can be really sure about the fit of your finds for them. So what do you do when the countdown to the first day of school is in single digits and you still don’t have what you need? You read these super helpful tips for thrifting for your back-to-school needs from Amiyrah of the blog Four Hats & Frugal! She’s got some bold tricks up her sleeve that will help you survive the season, kids in tow. My favorite is to give each kiddo their own cash to shop with. This will help them learn to budget and take charge of their own style. What better way to warm up their brains for school-thinking after months of summer fun? Even the littlest kids can help with this! The most surprising tip on her list: Don’t go thrifting on sale days. Find out why by reading the full post.

Goodwill’s diverse selection of clothing and goods allows everyone in your family to pick out items that truly suit their own personalities, while knowing they’re helping the planet by diverting items from landfills. And, bonus points, they are also contributing to their communities by helping fund Goodwill of the Finger Lakes' programs and services, like 211/LIFE LINE, Workforce Development, Good Neighbor, and Vision Services. Learn more about these programs here.

Not only is Goodwill the place for all of your back-to-school-shopping needs, your family can have even more impact by donating clothing, school supplies and household goods your kids have outgrown.

Find your nearest Goodwill store or donation center here.

Goodwill of the Finger Lakes is a not-for-profit organization supporting the Rochester and Syracuse area communities. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Goodwill of the Finger Lakes along with Goodwill Vision Enterprises (formerly ABVI) have a very long and successful history of creating job opportunities and serving the community through the Good Neighbor program, 211/LIFE LINE, and our vision services. In addition, we have several Goodwill thrift store locations offering second-hand clothing for men, women, and children as well as home goods and other accessories.