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Too Many Shoes? Donate to Goodwill.

Shoes. Americans love them. Flip Flops, boots, running shoes, flats, or heels. Whatever kind, whatever style, we love it. And we have tons of them. If you think we’re joking, just take a look in your closet.

We bet there is at least one pair of shoes that you own that you have never worn. Research backs us up. It shows that 86 percent of women have one pair they’ve never worn. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you liberated those shoes from the closet dungeon? We think it would. Donate them to Goodwill. They will find a new home. They'll become part of the 5-shoe rotation that the average woman wears.

So, we’re highlighting shoes. We want those pairs that are too tight, too high, or too loose. (There are 64 percent of women who know what we’re talking about.)

If you are like 82 percent of American women, you own at least 11 pairs of shoes. Do you wear them all? (We all know that you can only wear one pair at a time.) Lest we forget, 63 percent of American men own 10 pairs. Average it all out, and Americans own about 12 pairs of shoes each. Seems like a bit much, no?

Go through the hall closet and the bedroom closet. Find those shoes you won’t wear. You know, the pair that was a gift. Or the pair that just doesn’t match any outfit you have. Toss them in your trunk and drop them off at your local Goodwill donation location.

Just think, for every pair you donate, there is space for a brand new pair. And who doesn’t love shoe shopping!

Interesting Shoe Facts

  1. 63% of men own 10 pairs or less of shoes, with the average being 12.
  2. 82% of women own 11 pairs or more, with the average being 27 pairs. Almost 20% of women have 50 or more pairs of shoes, compared to less than 5% of men.
  3. 86% of women own at least one pair of shoes they’ve NEVER WORN.
  4. 64% of women say that they do not wear their shoes because they are too uncomfortable
  5. 37% of women say that they do not wear their shoes because they were given them as a gift and they do not like them.
  6. On average, women only wear 5 pairs of shoes on a regular basis.