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ABVI Supports Licensing Vision Rehab Professionals

Apr 2, 2012

The New York Vision Rehabilitation Association (NYVRA), of which ABVI is a member, is supporting licensure for Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (VRT) and Orientation and Mobility Specialists (O&M). This is legislation that ABVI has been working to pass for many years.

ABVI needs the public’s help in getting this bill scheduled on the committee agenda!

As you may know, VRTs teach adaptive techniques and provide adaptive equipment so that individuals with vision loss can lead independent and fulfilling lives. While O&Ms teach individuals who are blind or visually impaired safe travel skills and ways to establish and maintain orientation in almost any situation.

Passage of this bill is vital to the future growth and standardization of the field.

Please take a moment to add you name to the growing number of people who are in support this legislation by signing the online petition now.

Thank you.