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Good Neighbor Program and the Book Bus

Jul 22, 2019

The “Book Bus” made its inaugural run on July 15th, bringing the gift of books to a few different neighborhoods within the York School District; the York Fire Hall, where students and families were welcomed to meet the bus; and to the participants in the York-Leicester Recreation Program which is held at the school.  Over 2000 books were collected from the Donated Goods Retail system to be deployed to this Good Neighbor initiative.  The “Book Bus” will make weekly visits with a schedule promoted throughout the district in advance so that students can be ready to meet the bus.


Having books in the home and being read to as a child are the two most important indicators of academic and lifetime success. Yet nearly two-thirds of low-income families do not own a single children’s book.  Access to books is critical for brain development and academic success. Even more important, books expose children to the world beyond their neighborhood – to the possibilities.

Through the generosity of our donors, and the efforts of our Good Neighbor and Donated Goods Retail Teams, we hope to continue to get books into the hands of children in more of the communities we serve!  Visit here to learn more about our Good Neighbor Program.