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Goodwill of the Finger Lakes Donates to House of Mercy as Future Good Neighbor Partner

Jun 30, 2021

Jennifer Boutte, Vice President of Community Engagement | Sister Grace, House of Mercy | Maddie Lake, Daughter of Jennifer Lake | Jennifer Lake, President & CEO Goodwill of the Finger Lakes

On June 29th, 2021 News10NBC's Patrick Moussignac reached out to the Goodwill of The Finger Lakes to see how our organization was doing on donations. In that same conversation, he informed our President and CEO Jennifer Lake about the need over at the House of Mercy. Our team immediately packed up several bins into a truck filled with donated clothes and hit the road.

"We also brought a bunch of deodorant and soap and hand sanitizer that really goes a long way when people aren't homed," Lake said.

The most important donation, sneakers.

"They're really in good condition that will work when someone doesn't have appropriate footwear or footwear with holes it really can cause some chronic health conditions. So we want to make sure people have the shoes they need," Lake said.

Their destination? the House of Mercy. Sister Grace was moved by the Tuesday surprise. 

"I can't tell you how grateful I am. I'm really amazed at how all this happened. How it all came to us, and the abundance of the items that care coming to us," Sister Grace said. 

She went on to say the House of Mercy serves at least 5,000 people per week, and a donation like this typically lasts about a week.

"We're open 24-7, and sometimes you know a donation will come in and it's just what we need at the moment. You know so it's really wonderful the way the community is responding to our needs. We couldn't do this without the help of the community," Sister Grace said.

Besides all the clothes, the House of Mercy was also given a $500 Goodwill gift card. Goodwill of The Finger Lakes already works with 30 other not-for-profit organizations. Thanks to the phone call, the House of Mercy could become our 31st organization to be a part of our Good Neighbor Program, and receive this much-needed help on a regular basis.

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