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Scare Up Halloween Costume Ideas with Goodwill's New Online Costume Generator

Oct 1, 2019

ROCHESTER, NYAccording to a recent study, 70 percent of Americans are planning to celebrate Halloween this year. Yet, 75 percent of them do not have a plan for their Halloween costume. This statistical disparity got Goodwill's Halloween Stylists thinking. What their ghoulish design minds came up with is nothing short of spooktacular.

"We're excited to announce Goodwill's all-new online costume generator," says Jennifer Lake, Vice President of Donated Goods Retail at Goodwill of the Finger Lakes. "It's the perfect tool for anyone with a DIY spirit and the desire to save on Halloween costume spending."
The online resource has a wide range of costume ideas sorted by category. These include "scary," "silly," "sci-fi," and everything between. After selecting a category, the costume generator shows images of do-it-yourself costumes. Each image comes with a breakdown of the costume parts.
"Once you pick the idea you like, you can shop for the costume parts at your local Goodwill store," says Lake.
As an example, you and your squad want to dress up like the characters from Netflix's Stranger Things. Goodwill's costume generator has you covered. Select "Pop Culture." Then find the "Weirder Stuff" costumes and you'll see that you and your squad will need seven things. They are jeans, a red top or dress, a light jacket, a leather jacket, boots, athletic shoes, and a baseball or trucker cap.
Weirder Stuff Halloween Costume Generator
"Goodwill has those things and many more to complete your look for Halloween," says Lake. "And when you're done with the spooky fun, you can donate the items at any Goodwill store or Donation Center. Doing that helps us divert 25 million pounds of stuff from local landfills each year."
Access the online Goodwill Halloween Costume Generator by clicking on the banner at the top of this article or by clicking here: Goodwill's Halloween Costume Generator.