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Goodwill of the Finger Lakes Announces Date for Elimination of Plastic Bags in All Rochester and Syracuse Area Stores

Jan 8, 2020

ROCHESTER, NY – Following a successful pilot in its Henrietta and Macedon, New York stores, Goodwill of the Finger Lakes will remove single-use plastic shopping bags from all of its Rochester and Syracuse area stores on Saturday, February 1. The elimination of these single-use plastic comes one month ahead of the state ban that takes effect on March 1.

Goodwill shoppers are encouraged to bring reusable shopping bags or purchase the bags made from recycled materials that Goodwill has available for ninety-nine cents.

“In accordance with New York state law, single-use plastic bags will be banned in retail businesses on March 1, 2020. Goodwill is eliminating plastic bags on February 1 to give our shoppers time to transition into the habit of bringing their own bags shopping with them,” says Jennifer Lake, President of Goodwill of the Finger Lakes.

Lake said that eliminating plastic bags in stores goes hand-in-hand with Goodwill’s commitment to sustainability and diverting 25 million of pounds of stuff out of local landfills each year.

“Goodwill was a pioneer of the sustainability movement, and we are determined to carry on that legacy by encouraging our shoppers to switch to reusable bags. They are the best solution to solve the problem of single-use plastic shopping bags,” said Lake.

Goodwill will not offer paper bags, said Lake, because of the negative environmental impact of transport of the bags, their lack of biodegradability, and the chemicals used in their manufacture.

“There is a positive impact on the environment with the increased use of reusable bags. You’ll see a decrease in single-use plastic shopping bags that will have a lasting impact on the environment for years to come,” said Lake.