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Vision Wellness

GVE's Vision Wellness services provide access to free routine eye care in our community for those who would otherwise go without.

These services are made possible thanks to the generous contributions of volunteer eye doctors, donating optical centers, and individual donors and foundations.

Early Vision Screening

1 in 4 school-aged children suffers from vision problems that could potentially lead to blindness.

If diagnosed and treated before the child turns 5, most irreversible eye disorders can be prevented. Early detection is key!

Early Vision Screenings are provided free of charge for children between six months and five years of age.

Conducted at local child care centers and preschools.

Abnormal results are reported immediately to parents with a recommendation to obtain a comprehensive eye exam.

GVE team members will assist families to ensure follow-up treatment and care, including free eye exams for children lacking medical insurance.

Vision Care for Kids

GVE is investing in our children's future by correcting vision for success in school. Many families with children in the Greater Rochester area do not have adequate medical insurance. Children often suffer the consequences by not having access to the health care they need.

Vision Care for Kids is for children in kindergarten through grade twelve from local school districts referred by school nurses.

GVE team members facilitate free eye exams provided by local volunteer eye doctors.

GVE donates eyeglasses free of charge.

Project Eye Care

Many adults do not obtain recommended routine eye exams due to a variety of socioeconomic obstacles.

For these individuals, Project Eye Care provides free comprehensive eye exams that assist in detecting glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and other potentially blinding eye diseases.

Project Eye Care provides free eye exams performed by local volunteer eye doctors at community health centers.

Eligibility is determined by medical insurance status and household income.

Partnering optical centers donate eyeglasses.

GVE team members assist individuals to obtain diagnostic testing and follow-up treatment.