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Meet Our Team: Andrew Conley, Crisis Community Connector for 211/LIFE LINE

by Carolann Verrioli

Andrew Conley: Crisis Community Connector for 211/LIFE LINE


What is your official title and how long have you been working here at Goodwill/211?

I am Crisis Community Connector at 211/LIFELINE. I have 10.5 years with Goodwill, the last 3 with 211. I worked as a Donation Attendant at the Clinton store, and among the skills I gained is adapting to an interaction in the moment to be as effective as possible.
How did you become a part of 211 and what drew you to the program?
I knew I needed to work at 211 three years prior to applying, because to engage and help the community on this scale matches my personal values of reducing hardship and promoting resource equality. I had to overcome a fear of being engaged with individuals in very vulnerable states. The need to make an impact in that way one day became stronger than the gravity of the challenge. I brought all my respect for this community and did my best - that was three years ago now.
Helping in any way we can is important - but sometimes the best gift we can give is to listen and try to understand. We give this person on the phone all our focus for a brief interaction.  
Anyone who is driven to suspend judgement and actively and compassionately listen can work with a caller to prioritize, find solutions, and be safe.  
What is your favorite part of your job?
Helping a caller deescalate, understanding their perspective, and watching them see from a different angle as a result of our communication.
Do you have any hobbies?

Creative writing